Custom Band Uniforms

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Are you still in need of marching band uniforms for your team, squad, line or band? Bandmans combines our designers latest styles and trends with state of the art machinery to give you the best looking uniforms at prices you can afford.  You still have time to get ready for your next performance with custom band uniforms, color guard uniforms, majorette uniforms, and more.

Don’t miss your performance because of a lack of time. Bandmans carry a large selection of very popular marching band uniform coats, shield, bibbers along with a large array of dance, majorette, and color guard uniforms all in stock for immediate delivery.   Our line of band accessories, including but limited to gloves, marching shoes, dance shoes, flags, poles, camp packs, warm-ups, and podiums.

Bandmans custom marching band uniforms are proudly manufactured in house in Dallas, TX USA.  Our line of products includes brands like Holloway, Augusta, Director Showcase, Style Plus, Capezio, Drillmaster, Dinkles  Anchor Audio.  We are a 1 stop shop with a very knowledgeable staff and artists that will help make your project or idea come to life.