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Take a look at our special package! We provide a full warm-up set and a matching bag and cap, where you can add beautiful embroidery or custom embellishment to your garment with your school or company logo.

Great Selection, Great Quality, Great Prices

Are you still in need of marching band uniforms for your team, squad, line or band? Bandmans combines our designers latest styles and trends with state of the art machinery to give you the best looking uniforms at prices you can afford.  You still have time to get ready for your next performance with custom band uniforms, color guard uniforms, majorette uniforms, and more.

Don’t miss your performance because of a lack of time. Bandmans carry a large selection of very popular marching band uniform coats, shield, bibbers along with a large array of dance, majorette, and color guard uniforms all in stock for immediate delivery.   Our line of band accessories, including but limited to gloves, marching shoes, dance shoes, flags, poles, camp packs, warm-ups, and podiums.

Uniforms Made in the USA

Don’t settle for cheap, low-quality band uniforms that won’t last the season. Bandmans high-quality and affordable custom marching band uniforms are proudly manufactured in-house in Dallas, TX, USA.  Our line of products includes brands like Holloway, Augusta, Director Showcase, Style Plus, Capezio, Drillmaster, and Dinkles Anchor Audio.  We are a 1 stop shop with a very knowledgeable staff and artists who will help make your project or idea come to life.

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History of Marching Band Uniforms

Marching band uniforms date back centuries, to the Middle Ages. Back then, musicians joined medieval armies. Their music helped direct troops on the battlefield and maintain their morale. Musicians wore plumes with distinct colors to show their loyalty to their lord. Full band uniforms were rare, however.

Through the 17th-19th centuries, national armies become the first to issue uniforms for both musicians and soldiers. band uniform design within armies showed differences, these changes indicate rank or occupation. During the civil war, band units wore blue and purple uniforms. By distinguishing themselves, they avoided being hit. Eventually, the military moved away from using marching bands to direct troops and moved to a more ceremonial role.

Although, there are still many military traditions that survive in current marching bands. Many marching band uniforms look similar to military uniforms. 

A new era for marching bands began in 1907. During the halftime of a football game, the Marching Illini came out on the field. This was the first-ever halftime show featuring a marching band. The band uniforms preserved much of their military origins, and school colors and motifs were also used in the designs.

In the 1960s, band uniform designs displayed more creativity. Many band uniforms were now made with cotton/polyester blends rather instead of heavy wool fabrics.

Marching band uniforms are a great way for a group to express their identity.

What Are the Benefits Of Shopping For Marching Band Uniforms at Bandmans?

Whether your outdated marching band uniform needs a modern look or you’ve got more people than band uniforms, Bandmans has you covered. We offer both custom and pre-made band uniforms that are high-quality and affordable. At Bandmans, we do our best to provide you with the latest styles and trends using state-of-the-art machinery while still being affordable. 

We offer custom marching jackets. Our image-editing software will show how your uniform will look. We create custom colors and sizes. Additionally, we can embroider your team’s logo. Stand out from your competitors by wearing an amazing marching band costume.


Not only do we provide custom uniforms, but we also offer custom sketches to give you a visual of your new band uniform.

drumming marching band in red

Don’t Forget the Drummer’s Uniform!

Your drum major deserves to stand out! Typically, drum majors wear the reverse color of the band. When you choose a drum major band coat that speaks to you, you can add on headwear, embroidery, accessories, and bibblers.

We understand that not every group can afford a custom band uniform, or there may not be enough time to produce custom uniforms. Whatever the case may be, Bandmans offers several different alternatives to keep you within your budget. We know that band directors and band boosters are budget-conscious. For this reason, we offer in-stock marching band jackets that are made with the same quality as our custom uniforms. Our jackets will give you the quality, look, and style that you are looking for.